No Taboo – de start van de Bunch

Tijden veranderen snel, wellicht op dit moment nog wel sneller. Corona, oorlog, crisis.
Wat ook veranderd is, is het ‘ouderwetse’ idee man/vrouw. Gender speelt tegenwoordig een grote rol in de maatschappij, groter dan ooit en actueler dan ooit.
En dat is interessant, zeker ook in de kunstzinnige representatie ervan.
Wanneer gender dan wordt gekoppeld aan spiritualiteit en seksualiteit wordt het enkel nog interessanter en actueler. Bijzonder is verder ook dat wanneer je kunstenaars uit verschillende landen, werelddelen kunstzinnig loslaat op deze thema’s, je verschillende interpretaties, verschillende beeldtalen krijgt, maar dat ook bijzondere parallellen naar voren kunnen komen. De historie en het heden van een land, een volk, een mens speelt ook een grote rol hierbij.

No Taboo gaat over deze thematiek, raakt het aan, verbeeldt het, communiceert.

Kunstenaars uit het internationale Bookmark Artists Collective verlaten voor vijf weken hun digitale werkplek en gebruiken de SodaFabriek in Schiedam om een baanbrekende expositie te organiseren in samenwerking met het SodaCollectief en gebruikmakend van de vele fraaie ruimtes van de SodaFabriek, die ook actief deel uitmaken van No Taboo door een verrassende en inspirerende manier van exposeren.

 Verschillende kunstdisciplines worden in relatie gebracht met de ruimtes die vaak een rafelrandje hebben; rauw, industrieel. Hierdoor zal het soms schuren, prikkelen, uitdagen om anders te kijken, te beschouwen.

Kunst in brede zin wordt getoond, interactie met het publiek en tussen kunstenaars zelf wordt gezocht. Lezingen en interactieve workshops zullen worden gegeven, vooral door de deelnemende kunstenaars zelf. Deelnemende kunstenaars reageren ook kunstzinnig op elkaars interpretatie van de thematiek. Participatie wordt verder nog actief gevraagd en gezocht door bezoekers uit te dagen na bezoek aan de tentoonstelling een eigen werk te creëren en dit werk in te leveren zodat het tentoongesteld kan worden. Dit kan leiden tot een interessante ‘kijk van buitenaf’ op de tentoonstelling en is ook zeker vernieuwend te noemen.

Vijf weken lang transformeert de SodaFabriek tot een kunstzinnige ruimte waar de bezoekers verrast, ontroert en tot nadenken gestemd zullen worden. Een kunsttentoonstelling met actuele relevantie en importantie; vernieuwend voor de regio Rijnmond en ver daarbuiten.

Kim de WeijerEinat Moglad
Paulius Sliaupa
Art StoopAnalia Adorni
Nino KhundadzeNandini Kamalakar
Maria Di GaetanoSubhash Maskara
Kojo BineyAnirban Mishra

Kim de Weijer / Netherland

Behaviors of people always intrigued me and made me wonder about the light and dark sides in the momentum and the development of personalities. What will happen to your psyche and how will you behave without knowledge of the social structures of society, as we know them?
With the performances I created in this question, I’ve been accepted to the Sandberg Institute (MFA, Amsterdam), where I’ve continued to create performances and transformed my work from performance on video to live performance. With these live performances, I performed at many exhibitions, openings and performance events, like Art Pie (KunstVlaai) and the Moscow Biennale.  
As an artist teacher, I teach art at primary and high schools. At this moment, I’m developing education in performance art for children. Performance art education still only exists at universities and academies, and is not being taught to our younger generation.
Momentarily, I’ve been re-defining my medium to work with in art, for I feel the need to expand my performances more visually, instead of performance by itself. Therefore, I’m exploring new materials to work with. My fascination with behaviors and interactions with others are explorations into creating a new world on its own.

Einat Moglad / Israel

Hier komt nog informatie

Paulius Šliaupa / Vilnius, Lithuania and Ghent, Belgium

Paulius holds a BA in painting and a MFA in contemporary sculpture from the Vilnius Academy of Arts, as well as a MFA in media arts from KASK, Ghent. Selected exhibitions include the solo exhibition “Dès Vu”, Meno Nisa, Vilnius (2019) and the group exhibitions “Oooh”, Netwerk, Aalst, Belgium (2020), “The upper hand”, IKOB, Eupen, Belgium (2020) and “In connection”, Δωμάτιο/Domatio, Athens, Greece (2020). Šliaupa is part of the HISK post-graduate programme.
Paulius’ works explore the relationship(s) between culture and nature, the interaction of ambience and light that affects our daily lives. From video installations and experimental movies for the cinema to objectlike paintings, his oeuvre encompasses a wide range of artistic media. By accumulating the flow of painterly images, atmospheric sounds and poetic energy, the artist creates sensual narratives. Most projects consist of multiple works, grouped around specific themes, such as organic structures, rituals in nature, the flow of natural and artificial light and absurd poetic happenings.

Art Stoop / Nederland

I am a contemporary artist from Maassluis, a town situated in nearby Rotterdam, in Netherlands. My unusual name attracts attention as much as my art. I am out of the box. My style is mainly abstract with many colors.
Inner chaos is reflected in splashes of paint on the canvas. Although I am inspired by every material I get, I am not limiting myself from making use of everything I find: wall paint, acrylic or oil paint, turpentine, wood, even concrete. I like to experiment and make something out of nothing. Lately, I am into street-art and graffiti. I have autism but I am more than that. I will show it and create my pieces of art in Maatwerk autisme. I will find my place in society. 

Analia Adorni / Rafaela, Argentina and Volterra, Italy

Born in Argentina, she studied at the National University of Arts in Buenos Aires, moved to Europe with the Cooperation Program of the Spanish Government, and afterwards with a fellowship for arts and artisans of Tuscany Region (Italy).
She is working in Tuscany in a program for artists and artisans. The concepts of her artworks are spirituality and the relationships of nature/culture, natural/artificial and nature/spirituality. The artwork presented in this exhibition has been made during the lockdown and reflects on solitude and the need for communion with other persons.

Nino Khundadze / Tbilisi, Georgia

Masters degree in architecture, self taught Artist, photographer, illustrator, writer, designer.

Nino Komt uit Georgie en is moeder voor een zoon van 7. Ze geeft heel erg om positieve energie en draait graag mee met de groep. Kan vele workshops geven en werkt goed samen met anderen. Ze heeft ambitieuze plannen om een video kunst installatie te maken. Daarom wil ik haar zo snel mogelijk kenbaar maken dat we haar hierheen kunnen krijgen.
Sexuatily is seen as something bad and wrong. At least that’s how it was. Maybe things are a bit changing, but still, it’s perceived as something sinnful and restricted. Something people even don’t talk about, or if they talk its always negative.
I want to tell that Sexuality is part of life and there is beauty in it. It can be discovered and appreciated insteadof being rejected and judged. I want to make an empty door, that will be just door, topical old one. I might writeon door all the negative words that I have heard about Sexuality. The door will have a little hole, where the keygoes in and looking through that hole one will be able to see my work, which I want to do as a video, that could be projected on the wall behind the door.

Nandini Kamalakar / Bangalore, India


I am primarily a self-taught artist with experience in all mediums – water, acrylic and oil. My art journey began during my school days when I would attend regular summer art camps and weekend classes at Chitrakala Parishath, a renowned art college in Bangalore.
I have taken part in several art contests at the school level, most notably the Camel art contests and the Nicholas Roerich Foundation art contest, winning prizes in both. I kept pursuing art as a hobby throughout my years as an MBA professional in the corporate world. I have taken part in group shows, in Bangalore, Hyderabad and the UK. I also have a keen interest in Mysore traditional painting.

Maria di Gaetano / Cambridge, UK

Born in Sicily, Maria started to draw at the age of five thanks to her artistic family members. After completing the Artistic High School Diploma, she moved to Florence, where she obtained a BA with Honours in Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts. While in Florence, Maria used to write for online magazines, reviewing performances, exhibitions and new music bands. She also published some of her poems in two anthologies as she made England her home.
A qualified graphic designer and teaching assistant, she is an art and languages tutor for adults and kids, as well as a freelance interpreter. Maria loves everything that is related to art, philosophy, theatre, music and aesthetics and she is working for an MA in art history, attending the Open University. She lives and works in Cambridge in the UK.I have always been a visual artist and now I love working with acrylics on canvas or mixed media on paper which includes pastels, graphite, ink and watercolours. I do love working on digital platforms as well. My work is mostly based on portraiture and mostly female figure illustrations. I try to always put together geometrical elements and human figures, but also include natural elements and animals. I do believe that we are point, line and surface and this is why I love putting different elements together.

Thanks to the exploration of expressionism in the abstract through the Bookmark workshop, I have started painting. Making my paintings in synchrony with music and what my feelings suggest I do. I am fond of the principles of the Italian “Rinascimento” and Romantic and Victorian styles, mostly in figurative art and literature, and I do love Japanese Ukiyo-e and Shunga style. I do love, mixing them into my creations even if it is not so obvious to see them explicitly.

Subhash Maskara / India

I believe in films as an expression for social awareness, open discussion and change. I strive to do thought-provoking films, which may have an impact on viewers, triggering various emotions along with the pleasure of experiencing audio-visual stories.  My research interest comprises modern and contemporary changes in society, politics, human behavior and the study of mythology and spirituality within a scientific paradigm. 
Filmography on IMDB: Subhash Maskara

Kojo Biney / Takoradi, Ghana

Isaac Kojo Biney Aggrey professionally known as KOJO BINEY holds a BA in Arts Education. He is an artist and art educator.He has employed multiple art techniques, such as painting, sculpture, design, installation and performance art. He practically engages with the environment, society, habitation and various cultures to dialogue frankly on the existence of life, raising alarm on issues across all circles, including politics, economics, education, family, society and the environment. As an environmental artist, he feels the responsibility to address issues that society tends to neglect or overlook and to inversely impact lives within the environment – sustaining it in the memory of his audience.

Anirban Mishra, Kolkata, India

Anirban Mishra is an artist who graduated from the Indian College of Arts and Draftsmanship in 2017 and finished his MFA in painting at Hyderabad Central University in 2019.  His work has been included in several exhibitions nationally and internationally.

The main theme of my artistic creations is LONELINESS. In the present society, everything is surrounded by vibrance and jubilance, and everyone indulges in this apparently busy lifestyle. But actually at the end of every day every human being is somehow lonely, in spite of being amidst a busy daily schedule. This loneliness mixed with nature’s beauty is the idea of my painting. Something which is missing in nature, something which has created a decline in the society, something that is called loneliness in human life – these are the things I try to find in my creations